What does EDIMATO do for purchasing?
Simply enter your values here and we will calculate the advantages you have in purchasing by using EDIMATO in a way that is easy to understand.
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How many orders do you send per month?
In mechanical and plant engineering, one can roughly assume that around 3,000 orders are created per month in a company with about 300 employees.
On average, how long does it take you to enter an order confirmation into your ERP system?
What percentage of the order confirmations can you book directly because they are within the permissible tolerances?
How long do you need in goods receipt to receive an order?
When the invoice comes, how long does the accounting department need to check and enter it into your ERP system?
What percentage of the invoices can be booked by accounting without any objections?
Your savings potential is:
per month
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This is how we calculated:
So you use
per month
[num. orders] x [time/OC.]
to process the order confirmations
Of this
per month
[num. orders] x [time/OC.] x [perc. OC.]
would be avoidable, because these order confirmation could be checked and booked automatically by EDIMATO
Goods receipt therefore takes
per month
[num. orders] x [time/GR.]
This time could be largely saved by automated processing shipping notifications
The receipt of the invoice therefore takes
per month
[num. orders] x [time/Inv.]
Of this
per month
[num. orders] x [time/Inv.] x [perc. Inv.]
could be avoided because these invoices could be automatically checked and booked by EDIMATO
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